Different period: The Great Gatsby wedding

by Karen

All I kept thinking about, over and over, was «You can't live forever; you can't live forever»

F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby

Nowadays the creatively-themed weddings are not just popular, they have turned into a kind of trend. And we are madly in love with this idea! We decided to take a dive with you into a pre-wedding hustle and create a magnificent Gatsby-themed wedding together! The most important thing in this process is to take a dip into the atmosphere. If possible, try read books of that period, watch movies. The best way to feel the magnificence and style of that time is to watch the movie "The Great Gatsby", showing not just a precise picture of the US during the 1920's butbringing the spirit of that period. By the way, while watching you can notice some useful details like table setting, as well as dresses and jewelry of the characters and take those ideas as a basis. And in the meantime, we would like to offer you our brief guide how to create the perfect look of a bride and a groom for the Great Gatsby wedding.


Dress. In the 20's the ladies preferred the drop waist sheath dresses, fringed, shiny or sequined, paved with beads and glass beads. It's a perfect wedding dress! Do not be afraid of alternative colors: pink, champagne color, purple and even red can be a great solution. Accessories. It was a period of genuine luxury! So, choose bright massive earrings and bracelets, and be sure to find a sequined headband decorated with beads, large stones and feathers. By the way, you can combine them with veil, and it will look natural and very stunning. There are also lots of the finished sets, so it will hardly put you to a lot of trouble to find something special you like. Bridal bouquet. Brooch bouquets composed of flowers and finery will look fabulous and complete a bridal look. You can also add some Gatsby style elements, like feathers, strings of pearls, and cameos to your floral bouquet. Shoes. Firstly, your shoes should be comfortable. Kitten heel shoes will allow you to dance the night away and look stunning. You also decorate your shoe toes or heels with crystals and stones to put the finishing touches.


Suit. Needless to say, it should be a tuxedo. The tuxedo and a bow tie. You can even go deeper and choose a three-piece suit. Make sure to choose the sober colors for your suit; it can be grey, dark-blue or black. Accessories. And certainly there should be some accessories! A good way to complete the groom's look is to choose a hat. That time men preferred to wear boater hats. If you think that the groom's look will seem boring compared to the bride's one, you are wrong. The bow ties of that period were a kind of masterpiece - interesting patterns, luxury materials and overwhelming colors! Let your imagination run wild! Shoes. Classic Oxford shoes were the most popular footwear in 1920's in the US. Actually those shoes are definitely the wardrobe must-haves for every man.


It’s very important! Ask your guests to endorse your wedding theme and to dress accordingly. Make sure that all your guests are aware of the wedding theme and know the 1920's fashion trends. It will be very funny to discuss the details. And finally… just try to imagine your wedding photos! =)

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