Flapper Inspired Wedding Shoes by Nora Karen

by Karen

We are thrilled to inform you that wedding season is officially in full swing. What does this mean for you? It’s time to kick it into high gear to find the perfect photographer, wedding dress and stylist. As you envision your dream day, visualize how you’ll look from head to toe. Find your ideal Gatsby style hairdo and a matching hairpiece. But you’re not done yet!
One of the biggest searches for most brides is the quest for just the right pair of shoes to go with their wedding dress. Many brides prefer color-matched shoes, yet other options for vivid colors abound. The newest trend is to have hand painted wedding shoes to complement your dress.
Imagine a dazzling pair in emerald green, magenta, turquoise, or sapphire blue. These are guaranteed to turn the heads of your guests and provide the perfect accent for your wedding dress.
Choose your unique style, ranging from the flapper to princess or long-tailed Victorian wedding dress. No matter which wedding dress you prefer, hand painted shoes are richly saturated in your choice of color to ensure that all eyes are on you during this special day.
Flapper Inspired Wedding Shoes by Nora Karen
We now present the fabulous shoe-decorator and talented designer Nora Karen. Nora specializes in painting classiest shoes and turning them into true masterpieces.
Let’s start with the first breathtaking model called Rebekah. The signature emerald and sapphire shades of the peacock tail in addition to the hand painted ornament is ideal for both knee and tea length dresses.
knee and tea length dresses
If you search online for the terms “green shoe wedding” or “off beatbride” you will find out how many couples love to make shots of their wedding shoe pairs. In light of that fact, we present you with the flapper style wedding shoes called Veronica. Similar to the Rebekah, the signature sapphire color truly stands out, but this one is found in midi heels.
flapper style wedding shoes called Veronica
If you are a lover of the flapper inspired classy round toes and wide midi heels, you will absolutely go crazy for the following model in turquoise. This model pairs well not only with wedding dresses but also with flapper style dresses in turquoise or aqua blue.
Vintage shoes model in turquoise
Soma gals may prefer the Cinderella inspired pink colors. If you are keen on these shoes, you will find the Deborah to your liking. It is also painted with peacock ornaments.
Vintage shoes Cinderella inspired pink colors
The ones who swoon for divine cream colors and peacock prints can end their search at the model named Leah. Unlike many models, this one is based on the wedge look. It is perfect for second marriages or mothers of the bride who desires a more mild and modest shoe that still possesses a flair of uniqueness.
Vintage model named Leah shoes
The two Marcela and Milcah will be splendid choices for the couture bridal dresses in ivory or snow white colors, such as “Dahlia White” by Nataya or “Titanic Tea Length Dress” by Nataya. You will find these models in our catalogue. Don’t worry if those styles are not your top picks. These shoes both go great with the Grecian or mermaid style dresses.
Marcela and Milcah vintage fashion shoes by nataya
It brings us great pleasure to introduce the classy snow white colors for the beautiful brides. The first model is the model called Honey. It was designed with medium wedge lovers in mind. Hand painted with “lace imitating” ornament and inlayed with the tiny rhinestones, it pairs exceptionally well with the Downtown Abbey style.
model called Honey white shoes
The following model shares the same ornament with the previous shoes but is actually a jazz inspired shoe.
jazz inspired vintage shoe
Finally, here is the model for the wedge lovers who simply cannot live without high wedges. Willow is the perfect choice for dresses that either hide the ankles or show off this part of the body.
Bridal handpainted shoes in white, Model "Willow"
We hope you will find these unique wedding shoes to be the perfect pair for your biggest day!

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