Best vintage inspired wedding ideas: Flapper Wedding

by Karen

The Bizarre 20’s opened an era of bridal fashion… the era of short and mid-length dresses, short haircuts without veils and jazz music instead of out-of-date waltz. The naughty and noisy 20’s were like a fairy tale with plenty of adventures. The wedding party itself reminds us of Vintage inspired Halloween Parties which are themselves associated with bridal fairy tales and uniqueness. If you have a chance to go to New Orleans, please, go! The birthplace of jazz and Charleston is the right place for a wedding ceremony. There are plenty of services to let you feel the authentic early twenties. Take, for example, retro car rental service, or you jazz street orchestras for hire. And all this is not as cozy as an open sea cruise or a European Wedding Trip. You can also rent a classic Zoot suit for the groom and get this party get started. With all that’s going on, don’t forget about your own wedding gown. If you chose a flapper jazz theme for your wedding affair that means you know exactly what you will wear at your wedding: its length, silhouette and even color. Not all flapper wedding dresses have to be crème or white colors. They can be green, blue and even coral red. Flapper wedding is the very holiday for any alternative bride who is thirsty for a fairy tale wedding yet is far from a main stream bride. Today’s runways show that the latest trends in wedding dresses are short flapper inspired dresses, which is why you may on the cutting edge of modern wedding fashions. But still no frilly or princes looking gowns are allowed! As for the bridal hairdo, you will have a really wide range of bridal ideas: no veil, netting short veil, white and light alstroemeria, camellias, lace ribbons for long hair feather or birdcage veils and even Swarowsky crystals. Yet the crystals will be more suitable for light and pastel apparel. As for other ideas, they will go absolutely with everything! Do not forget t apply wax balm to fix your curls or fix them with hair clips if you have long hair. In an earlier post, we wrote about flapper style makeup, so we won’t go over it again. But in short, chose the right colors for your season skin type and that is all I will say about that for now. But let us get to the most important part of any wedding affair: choosing the right gown. La Belle Epoque Dress by Nataya is one possible idea for a flapper style bride. Despite the black color elements it still looks bridal.

La Belle Époque Dress by Nataya

 The roaring yet romantic idea for flapper brides can be expressed by means of One Sleeve Romantic Wedding gown. It was made for jazz, wedding and flapper ladies.

One Sleeve Romantic Wedding gown

 1920’s Tango Dress is another great story for a flapper bride. Dawning this dress, you will look like both a tango and a Charleston dancer.

20s Fashion Tango Dress Tango

 Georgette Skirt along with T-300 top won’t restrict your movement if you decide to dance the Charleston instead of a romantic quadrille or waltz. Vintage romantic Dress in Sage, along with other short and not white apparel will look non-empire yet very flapper style like.

Vintage romantic Dress in Sage

  All these dresses will open the doors to your new life and give you the most wonderful wedding anyone has ever experienced.

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