Authentic Vintage Dress for Fall 2014

by Karen

In the eventful search of all things vintage, we bring you the best vintage dress for this fall. Defined looks will take your formal wear from modern to supreme. If you have a love for vintage, make sure you don't keep yourself to just one era. The rules for vintage dress aren't in stone: experiment with what you have a buy a few lovely pieces that you can pull out of that closet with ease. Which of these lovely Fall 2014 blends would you make your own?

Pumpkin Love: A sweet or sassy orange really makes a pop in the fall. To add a vintage look, search for vintage dress inspirations that have muted and neutral tones and overlays in different colors. This Edwardian Nataya gown reminds us of the PBS series Downton Abbey - where any one of the Grantham ladies might wear this on a crisp fall day. For a flapper flair, choose less formal styles like the Peter Pan collar, dropped waist, and higher hem to make sure you dance the Charleston all... night... long!!

Pumpkin Love skirt 
Pumpkin Love
Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown in Antique Silver by Nataya
 Pumpkin Love
The Pure Pleated: Pleats have been popular since the invention of woven fabric. At least, WE think so!! Make your vintage dress for Fall pack a romantic and Gothic allure with an empire waist, longer hem, and pleated blends. As we see structured clothing come back with a vengeance, we expect this style to be come increasingly popular in mainstream fashion.
The Pure Pleated
The Pure Pleated
Bring on the Black: Don't forget to update your LBD. While so many colors bring in the Fall, we still come back to the little black dress with renewed vigor. Don't buy the same style, choose something that's appropriate for the season and unique for your wardrobe. This unique Gothic style combines feminine embroidery and lace with a dramatic formal black overlay. Detailed tulle short sleeves add complexity to keep this dress suited for any event. Defined Cut: One prime example would be the One-Shoulder Gown from Nataya, made with fine and fancy attention, this hue is a quintessential example for vintage dress. Similar to other traditional Gothic styles, this dress has an added modernized and daring cut to the shoulder of the gown. With peekaboo and backless dresses still following in the early weeks of fall, this will be that fashion taken vintage.
Defined Cut
Defined Cut
The Faux Corset: Vintage dress can look vintage without the old-timey fit. Made with the essence of a corset structure without the added headache of an antique stiff boning, dresses like this will be unique for a variety of occasions. These styles are increasingly popular as bohemian-chic ladies like ourselves look for dresses that fit well but have defined vintage allure.
Bohemian-chic ladies
 The Faux Corset
Vintage dress doesn't have a formula. Pick an era and find a dress that fits you, your personality, your experience. With styles popping up everywhere and the vintage-mod ladies gaining ground in their unique fashion endeavors, we'd say it's prime time for the right wardrobe change! Make it iconic. Make it vintage.

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