Nataya Titanic Dress

by Karen

What makes the Nataya Titanic Dress so popular? I have pondered the answer to this question myself a long time time. I guess the answer lies partly in the versatility of the dress. First lets examine the shape of the Nataya Titanic dress. The empire waist accentuates the female bust. The A-line allows the lady to take attention away from any body part she may not want others to focus on. And the sheer three-quarter length sleeves give the Nataya Titanic dress a touch of sexy romance while maintaining it's sweet innocence. So far so good. Now lets examine the the price of the Nataya Titanic dress. While certainly not cheap, the Titanic is quite reasonable. When you think of how much a marika nakk or a sue wong cost, easily $500 or more, the titanic dress fairs quite nicely against the two. And finally, the edwardian style of the Nataya Titanic, while giving it that old feel has several contemporary elements that allow it to stay fresh and beautiful, while exemplifying the true glamour of the Ewardian age.
Nataya Titanic Dress
To sum it up, a lady of any body type can pull offf the Titanic Dress. A lady on almost any budget can afford the Nataya Titanic Dress. And a lady looking for a contemporary or edwardian dress will find something in the Nataya Titanic for her. So overall, I'd have to say it's the true versatility of the Nataya Titanic Dress that has made it such a popular style that it is today!

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