Long Dresses for Summer

by Karen

Summer brings short skirts and spaghetti straps. The truly elegant lady, however, knows the joy of long dresses for summer. Sitting at a café with a cool cucumber drink in one hand reading a book is supremely elegant with a flowing skirt. Make this look count this year. Here are a few tips on choosing the right type of long dress for the right summer occasion.

Titanic Vintage: Perfect for formal or informal weddings, brunch with the in-laws, sweet garden strolls, and iconic engagement pictures. The titanic style dress is still one of the most sought-after and unique of long dresses for summer. We truly love this Amethyst tea length dress with its embroidery and layered cut. Made with the elegance of another era, it will please for many occasions.

Titanic Vintage long dresses for summer
Titanic Vintage
The Desert Rose: A color is one of the best ways to stay cool. Make sure you’re dressed with a lovely pastel rose gown. The layers of chiffon give great coverage. When looking for this style, make sure you find long dresses for summer in chiffon or light silk. This will ensure that you’ll have a weightless dress that sits nicely without adding any layers of heat to summer.
ong dresses for summer in chiffon or light silk
 The Desert Rose
Blue Bunny: We’ve always loved the color of the sky. In long dresses for summer, this is another iconic color. Navy and darker blue can seep heat into the wearer. An effortless sky blue can take your long dresses for summer and transform them. Length means formality, so don’t forget to make your dress go the extra mile. Take it to the beach, the wedding and picnics or cookouts.
long dresses for summer in navy or darker blue
Blue Bunny
Lady Luck in Red: There’s just nothing like a lady in red. Red has the uncanny ability of making the dress seductive. No matter the length. If you want long dresses for summer that pack a sultry punch, look for red. Once again, keep the fabric loose or light to make sure you’re not crafting a very sweaty afternoon. This empire waist gown fits our description ideally.
Lady Luck in Red
Lady Luck in Red
Midnight Maiden: Whoever said dark dresses didn’t belong in the long dresses for summer category is sorely mistaken. Make the dress count with decided romantic effect. Stick with chiffon and lace to give your skin a break. Layers are best rather than a sheath style, and stay away from thick fabrics like shantung and thick brocade. A dark dress is incredibly versatile in the summer if you do it right. Don’t forget it.
Midnight Maiden black dress
 Midnight Maiden
Cerulean Queen: The billowing skirt of certain long dresses for summer leave the wearer idyllic. This prom-inspired gown is our best pick for summer galas and soirees that require a truly classic look. Luckily, this also allows for a soft breeze with small straps and a blooming, one-layered dramatic skirt.
Cerulean Queen
Cerulean Queen
Where will you take your long dresses for summer? While we’re in love with the color and cut, you must be imagining where you would use such lovely designs in your everyday attire. With longer dresses, you can be sure that the dress is appropriate for any occasion. Night or day.

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