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by Karen

Lace is indeed the signature feature of any vintage style design. Lace is chiefly associated with the dresses of the Edwardian era as well as the late 50’s and early 60’s. Lace will always be the attribute of luxury vintage style.
Today we focus on the styles containing lace, but we reach beyond dresses. Our lace collection gives you the upper edge on classy modesty while exuding luxury.
The first piece in our unique collection is the ecru two-piece set designed by Nataya. It is ideal for mothers of the brides or grooms as well as sisters or other family members. The lace accents your body’s natural curves for a light and flattering look. For those who prefer Gatsby style, the low waist and creamy-butter color of this dress belong right in the 20s.
The ecru two-piece set designed by Nataya
The following dress is perfect for brides regardless their age. Many of our customers have appropriately labeled this dress as boho and, indeed, it looks like the Bohemian style of the early 1900-1910’s. However, some of ladies found this dress to fit more under the Daisy Buchanan label. It is available in ivory or sapphire.
Bohemian style of the early 1900-1910’s
  Blue dress inspired by bohemian style of the early 1900-1910’s
The black lace top and skirt by Nataya is our response to your request for something really vintage that simultaneously fits that party style. You will be in the center of your evening if you go with this gorgeous two-piece set.
The black lace top and skirt by Nataya
Now we shift gears to mothers of the uniting couple. The following silver colored two-piece set in ash and silver shades is the perfect complement to any mother of the bride or groom. Check out this dazzling set for your upcoming fall occasions. In keeping with fall weddings, mothers of the couple can also choose this same two-piece set in red and berry shades. It’s a great choice for alternative and boho-inspired brides as well as classy vintage styled mothers.
Boho-inspired brides vintage style
But we’re not done yet! We have amazing lace accessories. This necklace ornament, designed by Nataya, looks wonderful on vintage-inspired brides.
Necklace ornament designed by nataya
The moss bolero-shrug completes your tulle or lace vintage styles. It’s featured in ivory, peach or beige shades.
The moss bolero-shrug vintage style
Check out our special vintage style collection of lace decorated wedding shoes.
The bellabelle shoes in cream are adorned with cream and cappuccino colored lace. These shoes look phenomenal on alternative brides as well as ladies wearing non-ivory gowns. This particular pair is so versatile that it can go with dresses fit for mothers of the brides, bridesmaids and even for art-deco or Edwardian dresses donned for any special evening occasion or premiere.
The bellabelle shoes in cream
Another variety of these same shoes can be found in white and cream and is currently available in two sizes.
The bellabelle shoes in white
The Edwardian inspired ballet flats are your perfect choice for Jane Austin’s inspired empire waist dresses, Titanic gowns, or Downton Abbey inspired prom and wedding dresses. Choose your style and trend for your big night .
The Edwardian inspired ballet flats
Lace bridal shoes on midi heels are another variation that pair well with the Downton Abbey wedding or evening gown. However, these lace-decorated heels in vintage style will easily go with the classy princess style wedding dress as well.
Lace bridal shoes for wedding
We’ve saved the best for last. Our newest arrival is a pair of decorated with Edwardian-inspired laces. They are fantastic for mothers of the uniting couple and vintage-inspired brides. You can find this model in all the sizes.
Edwardian-inspired laces for wedding
We hope you find the vintage style lace shoes of your dreams. Regardless of your taste or trend, we are absolutely sure you will turn heads on your big night.

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