Cocktail Party Dresses for Holidays. Part 1

by Karen

Hello, dear ladies. It’s been too long since we discussed dresses designed for cocktail parties. Today’s post is geared to equip you in finding the perfect outfits for cocktail style wedding parties.
We have so much to say and so little time! Not only do we possess a huge dress collection waiting for you to browse, but we also offer so many gorgeous accessories and even shoes! So, let’s get started with ideas for your upcoming cocktail parties.

Indoor Cocktail Parties

If you are planning to host an indoor cocktail party at your home, especially one in which children will be present, you will play the unique role of fairy hostess. We recommend the following dresses to capture this look.

Indoor Cocktail Party Dresses

The Vintage Titanic Dress in sage and peach is superb for both mothers and young wives, an ideal choice for cocktail parties held in your own home.

Vintage Titanic Dress in sage and peach for both mothers and young wives

Our Downton Abbey Cocktail Dinner Dress will look exceptional at your Christmas and New Year’s cocktail parties when you are trying to play the part of hostess while dancing, serving and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Downton Abbey Cocktail Dinner Dress

The next dress fits with Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve themed parties. Some of our loyal customers have affectionately nicknamed this dress the “berry punch dress.” The berry colored chiffon falls just at the knees, making it an ideal choice for Christmas cocktail parties.

Berry punch party dress an ideal choice for Christmas cocktail parties

Cocktail Parties Near the Pool

For poolside cocktail parties that spare no expense in drinks, dancing and even crazy hats, we recommend the following cocktail dresses. All you need is a margarita in hand to play the role of seductive hostess! Nataya’s Ruby Othelia just begs to be worn at your next cocktail party. It was designed to be seductive and slimming with its unique lace corset imitation, which will adjust to fit virtually any waist.

Nataya’s Ruby Othelia cocktail dress

The Emerald 1920s Dress boasts a regular waist that has been lowered ever so slightly. It will look absolutely stunning in all of your photos shot against the sparkling blue water of the pool!

Emerald 20s fashion Dress

The Art Deco Party Dress comes in chocolate and jade, but the effect totally depends on the lighting. It will look fantastic with berry, green, or golden lighting as well as any combination of the three colors. Darker blue or black shades might need a different dress.

Art Deco Party Dress in chocolate for cocktail parties>

And you just might fall in love with the Gypsy or J.Lo Vintage Style Cocktail Gown. You will definitely want to pair this gorgeous gown with big hoop earrings in black, golden, bronze, or white gold. If you are hosting a cocktail party near the pool surrounded by tropical plants, you must check out the Vintage Style Cocktail Gown by Nataya in black and sand. This dress is even available in plus sizes, so you won’t need to skimp on any of your favorite hors d’oeuvres!


Cocktail party and specialty dresses

This was just part one of our postings on cocktail parties and specialty dresses. Have fun shopping, and stay tuned for our next posting on Gatsby style and wedding cocktail party gowns!

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