The 30’s inspired retro style

The 30’s inspired retro style
We have brought many retro ideas by Nataya already. But the enormous source of inspiration makes up keep sharing all possible tricks and ideas.

And today we would like to share some more ideas regarding the glam 30’s.


In general, retro styles were never out of vogue. Year by year haute couture along with ready-to-wear fashion designers compose collections after collections based on the best eras of the Past.


Today one of the most popular images is the style of the 30’s inspired Diva. The elements of the glam 30’s can be found not only in Nataya Dresses but among the hairdo trends for the coming 2012.


The roaring 20’s were replaced by the Days of the Great Depression where fashionistas of those days had to invent something like the whimsical combination of the past 20’s, combined with a glam evening look.

So any hairdo stylists knows and uses the 30’s inspired hairdos nowadays because these hairstyles are versatile. In other words, they go great for both evening parties and wedding affairs during the daytime.


The 30’s inspired hairdo is the symbol of extravagance and glamour. The world of fashion having survived the Great Depression decided to invent special styles for attracting Hollywood Divas like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford.


The great Depression made fashion more available. And, probably, because of this, the 30’s are now the symbol of the best vitageous styles and silhouettes. You can call the 30’s inspired locks and waves fine or even readable because they became the “calling card” of the style.


The locks became softer in comparison to the previous 20’s style bobbed waves. These waves emphasized the natural beauty and make the overall look much more coquette.

As we mentioned, locks went great with both the casual style and the expensive evening gowns of Old Hollywood Divas. It is not the Bohemian style when you needn’t care much whether your locks came out great or not. You will have to work on them but this game is worthy of candles.


So what is the secret of the 30’s inspired locks?


The truth is that you do not need to visit expensive saloons. If you plan a vintage party from morning till night, All night long for New Year’s Eve or even a long-lasting wedding affair, you won’t find a better option than the 30’s inspired hairdos.


The cold Application (aka “cool styling”) can be carried out in the simplest way, using just a comb and your fingers.


The basic element for the mentioned hairstyle is the soft waves. Such waves may be straight (parallel to your parting in the middle) or oblique angled (approximately 45 degrees from your parting).


The sizes of locks depend only on your tastes and on your parting of hair.


The main trick for doing your 30’s inspired hairstyle is the styling aids. To style your hair you it’s better to use styling gel of the strong hold effect.


You should wash your hair first and not letting it dry, immediately form the locks. First you apply the fixing gel, then you form the locks and their sizes.


To do such waves use an ordinary wooden comb, it will serve as a “stencil” for your future waves. You should move your comb in a zigzag way or a wavy way so as to create the necessary waves.


As a result, you will obtain a “readable” wave and you should fix it. Step by step you can form all the locks and fix them. Or an even better way is to put the fixing veil onto you head.


To let your waves last longer, you can also fix it with the spray after all is said and done.


The last step is to let your hairstyle dry. You should fix the basic points.


The 30’s inspired hairdo will go great for both the long haired gals and gals with the bobbed haircuts. But it will come out especially great if you’re a platinum blonde lady.


And, of course, do not forget to pick up the best apparel for the chosen line.


One of the best images can be achieved using the Grecian apparel by Nataya.

Not a bad idea for the cold waved gals with dark hair is to wear the informal Nataya Dress in Lime.

nataya dresses for formals

The 30’s inspired aristocratic style can be completed using the following aristocratic dress by Nataya.

Old Hollywood Glam Dress will slim any silhouette perfectly so that even the plus sized gals may join the glam 30’s style.

The 30’s inspired Glam Evening Gown is the best style for the cold waves both in dark and fair colors.

Fans of the long 30’s inspired palazzos can also find a perfect set for the coming affair.


We wish you amazing glam 30’s inspired Holidays and Winter vacations.

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